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Off - Grid / On - Grid / Grid Tied / Hybrid

Off grid solar panel manufacturers in Chennai

  • Off -Grid : Works with battery backup. Suitable for places that has frequent power cuts and for those places, where grid power is not available.
  • On-Grid : Gets directly connected to load and doesn’t have an exporting facility.
  • Grid Tied : Gets directly connected to Grid and runs parallel to the load. Comes with net-metering (Bi-Directional meter)
  • Hybrid : Comes with battery backup and with exporting option too. This supports during power cuts and excess power also gets exported.

Adarsh Solar Power Solution, one of the leading Off Grid Solar Panel Manufacturers in Chennai. We are one stop solution for Off grid solar manufacturers and Grid Tied Solar manufacturers in coimbatore, salem and trichy.

In dealing with the best quality and branded equipment, our Adarsh Solar Power Solution in Mylapore, Chennai performs the perfect revolution for the customer who needs the high-quality products of solar power with the best usage process. While purchasing the solar system products there are two main choices for you to have the superior product in saving electricity such as off-grid and grid-tied. In order to have the right type of solar power we promote, our finest product of Grid-Tied, On-Grid, Hybrid, and Off-Grid Products Dealers in Chennai achieving the high quality rated products to meet the best service for the customers in offering the superior products at a highly précised manner. Most of the people like to install off-grid solar power to have independence and stability in making their lives better. This product is well-enriched by appropriate equipment and the other devices which hold them to have a good system with the power solution. The main advantage of using this off-grid is it is completely independent of the grid and has remote locations with underdeveloped communities. Coming to the Grid-Tied System it is less expensive due to the needless batteries and other equipment.

Since our solution of supplying the solar products are high in quality and performance with long-term durability. It is almost the best product which we offer in our power solution in looking at our customer’s needs and demands. If this grid goes on down the system will sleep off without any power it is required to prevent the energy from feeding back into the grid to keep the work safe and secure. Have our Off-Grid, On-Grid, Hybrid, and Grid-Tied Solar Power Products in Chennai to deliver the best outcomes in the homes and other places with more reliability, predictable, and efficiency. Thus our products are supplied to many customers with happy feedback which provides security and reliability for their homes, office, farm, or any other place.

Grid Tied Solar manufacturers in chennai

Adarsh Solar Power Solution, one of the leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in Chennai. We provide complete solar energy solutions like Off Grid Solar, Off Grid Solar Panel, Grid Tied Solar, Solar Rooftop Panel , Ground Mounted Solar Panel, Solar Micro Inverter, Solar Mini Inverter, Solar Stand Alone Inverter, Solar Water Heater, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Street Light, Solar Lantern, Solar Study Lamp, Solar Mobile Charger, Solar Irrigation Pump.

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