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  • Solar Panel Manufacturers in Chennai

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  • Solar Panel Manufacturers in Chennai


    Solar Panel Manufacturers in Chennai

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What we offer

We provide solar energy solutions that maximize long-term financial returns, environmental benefits and lifestyle continuity for home owners & businesses alike.

Off grid solar panel manufacturers in Chennai

Solar Energy System

PCU is such a smart system that will use the electricity generated through Solar Power, to run your electrical equipments and deliver excess Power to the battery bank.

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Grid Tied Solar manufacturers in chennai

Solar Home Lighting System

Harnesses the sun’s energy to light up your home and power your small appliances. With benefits that extend both to your wallet and to the environment.

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solar rooftop panel manufacturers in chennai

Solar Rooftop Panel

A roof mount is the simplest common type of working process which ensures stability which consists of metal, shingle, or rubber materials at a reliable firm

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Our Recent Installations

Check out our solar energy solutions installed across India.

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Why choose us


Because our Solar Panels comes with QUALITY, SAFETY & WARRANTY (Performance Warranty
for 25 years)


Nothing succeeds like Success and Nothing is more sweeter than Independence from regulated Power supply, Power cuts and voltage fluctuations.


Nothing is more sustainable than Sun and that too in this part of the world, where you can see sun for almost 340 days in a year. Your system will generate as much electricity as possible to support you every day and night!.


You will start getting the cost benefit right from the first day of installation. You will be making a wonderful investment for your peaceful future.

Multi Purpose

Energy system acts as Stabilizer & an inverter. You don't need a separate inverter or Genset. Solar Energy System requires negligible maintenance and proves completely hassle free.

From idea to realization


We Provide Solar Energy Solutions that maximize Long-Term Financial returns, Environmental Benefits and Lifestyle Continuity for Home owners and Business Alike.

What people say

Our testimonials

  • ASPS did a fantastic job designing and installing the Solar setup for my home! Highly recommend! Thanks!

    Mr. Manish Jain

    Team Adarsh Solar, was courteous and knowledgeable. Met the target date without any changes. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to go for Solar, as an option. A great job done. Thanks Anand


    The installation was performed in a timely and professional manner with particular attention given to safety, attention to detail and with the care of my landscaping in mind. I made the right decision by selecting Adarsh Solar Power Solution and I highly recommend, their products, services and employees.
    Mr. Rahul Ram

  • Helped me achieve Go Green at a fastest pace. Gives me a complete satisfactory experience.

    Mr. Sundararajan

    The installation of the Solar Panel has been my best investment in the recent years. Saves me lots of money and at the same time, giving immense satisfaction that i am doing my bit to save the planet.

    Mr. Suresh

    We were delighted with the total package from Adarsh Solar Power Solution. We particularly appreciated your team’s considerate approach on site.We would certainly recommend you with confidence to any potential customers in the future. Best Wishes!.

    Mr. & Mrs. John

  • Many many thanks for suggesting solar power concept for my residence and clinic. Installation and execution was flawless. Performance is great. Financially lot of savings. I have suggested to many of my friends in our Ophthalmic Association. Great satisfaction of "Go Green" !
    Dr. Venkatesh Babu

    Excellent planning and very professional way of execution of Solar Plant, in our house.
    Mr. Madhu

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Solar Panel Manufacturers in Chennai

Adarsh Solar Power Solution, one of the leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in Chennai. We provide complete solar energy solutions like Off Grid Solar, Off Grid Solar Panel, Grid Tied Solar, Solar Rooftop Panel , Ground Mounted Solar Panel, Solar Micro Inverter, Solar Mini Inverter, Solar Stand Alone Inverter, Solar Water Heater, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Street Light, Solar Lantern, Solar Study Lamp, Solar Mobile Charger, Solar Irrigation Pump.

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No. 35/24, C-Block, Sugan Terrace, Appu Street, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 004.
+91 78680 78680

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