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Yes, in Adarsh Solar, we don't make you into the hassle of subsidy . We make you pay invoice amount minus subsidy and Adarsh Solar do the rest, on your behalf depends purely on Government Policies on Subsidy.
No, inverter supports you only during powercuts. But once connected, Solar Power will be the main source of Power. In other words, your EB meter will stop running, when the equipments connected to Solar System runs. Hence Solar Systems are much more superior to an Inverter. Depending on the type of Plant you chose to install -Off Grid, On-Grid, Grid Tied or Hybrid Solar Plant, benefit differs.
Yes, anything that runs through electricity can be run through Solar Power. Your investment will depend on how energy efficient these equipments are.
Yes, Adarsh Solar arrange for bank loans in Nationalised and Private Banks.
Yes, certainly it will help in bringing your EB tariff slab to a reduced level.
Yes, if the invoice is done in company's name, you are eligible for accelerated depreciation (AD)
In normal cases, you get ROI in FOUR years and if you claim AD, it will be in THREE years. With the total warranty period of 25 years, you get free electricity for atleast 21 years ! - Your ever rising EB tariff or diesel rates, are not factored. If the same gets factored, the ROI is much lesser than what has got mentioned above !
Yes, to a greater extent. By generating electricity through Solar, you not only reduce the cost on ever rising EB bill, you contribute to society by reducing the carbon footprint.

In 2011, We were at the start of our story. It began with a promise based on a few things we strongly believed – That Generating Electricity through Solar Power should be adopted by everyone.

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